Earth's magnetic north pole is rapidly shifting to Siberia

Scientists had to update the World Magnetic Model a year earlier because the natural displacement of the Earth's magnetic north pole took an unexpectedly fast pace. Relatively recently, it drifted steadily and slowly across the territory of Canada, but in recent years it began to sharply and rapidly shift towards Siberia. This will most likely lead to disruptions or extensive adjustments to the international navigation system.

The magnetic pole, unlike the geographic one, which is located on the planet's axis of rotation, is not tied to a specific point in space. This is a dynamic position, which depends on the characteristics of the Earth's magnetic field, and they are influenced by the thickness of the planet's crust, and the processes in its metal core, and the activity of the Sun, and a number of other factors. The difference between the geographic and magnetic poles, which the compass points to, can be up to several degrees, and the navigation manuals contain instructions for calculating these values.

In the era of GLONASS and GPS, old magnetic compasses are still in service - moreover, they are legally required for a number of objects. Observations of the behavior of the planet's magnetic field have been conducted since 1590; today, 120 special laboratories are working for these purposes, not counting satellites. The global magnetic model is updated every 5 years so that navigators always have the most accurate coefficients when determining the location.

The next update was planned at the junction of 2019-2020, but at the end of 2018 it turned out that the displacement rate of the northern magnetic field reached 55 km per year. We had to urgently recalculate and issue an unscheduled map update. The reason for this behavior of the Earth's electromagnetic field is still unknown. Now there is something like two large loops - the Canadian and Siberian "halves" of the pole. And the Canadian one is rapidly weakening, while the Siberian one is rapidly gaining strength.