NASA is looking for volunteers willing to spend 8 months in a locked laboratory

Self-isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic was difficult for most people, but there were also those who spent time with benefit and pleasure. For those wishing to consolidate this experience and in addition make money on it, as well as join the advanced scientific thought, NASA offers a number of unusual vacancies. Applicants are encouraged to travel to Russia to spend eight months locked up in a lunar base simulator.

The place of the experiment is the Institute of Biomedical Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences. In 2011, similar experiments were carried out here in the framework of the Mars500 project, when flights to Mars were simulated, and groups of astronauts spent 105 and 520 days in isolation. In 2019, another imitation of the expedition to the moon took place, a joint project of Roscosmos and NASA, which lasted four months. Now they want to repeat it, but to double the time spent by people locked up.

The difference between this particular mission and the previous ones is in the workload on the test subjects, they will not only have to sit within four walls, but work a lot and hard. During the experiment, the real process of arranging the lunar base is simulated, within the framework of which a number of tasks will be completed, identical to the real tasks of future colonists. Scientists have no doubt that a trained person will withstand such a test, but what will be the effectiveness of his work? Especially with advanced, unusual equipment?

The requirements for volunteers are serious. Knowledge of English and Russian, the presence of an officer's rank or doctoral degree in any of the sciences, work experience in the profession, age from 30 to 55 years old, good health, including psychological. But nothing is known about the amount of remuneration yet, except that the conditions for NASA employees and third parties will be different.