Wikipedia is looking for any photos of the 20 million burned artifacts of the Brazilian Museum

The largest and oldest in both American continents, Museu Nacional in Rio de Janeiro could not withstand the fire of the last fire. The ancient 200-year-old building burned to the ground along with 20 million priceless cultural treasures, and what is dug up in ruins cannot be restored. And, as experts believe, this should not be done - in the literal, but not figurative sense.

The Brazilian budget did not have funds for the restoration of the museum, they were not enough for fire safety and for operational actions later. The building is so damaged that it will collapse on its own within a couple of seasons. There is nothing to repair, save, nothing to dig in the ashes for the sake of vain hope. The administration cannot even say which part of the collection was destroyed - all the work on the restoration of the museum will go in the information space.

In this connection, representatives of Wikipedia threw a cry around the world, addressing their users. “Have you ever been to the Brazilian National Museum? Have you taken photos? If there are artifacts on them, please send us copies of the images. Let it not be your most successful photo, it doesn’t matter, we are interested in the exhibits ”. The organization accepts any images of burnt museum treasures in order to restore as much information about them as possible in parts.