Scientists have built the world's smallest house 15 micrometers high

A team of scientists from the FEMTO-ST Institute (France) under the leadership of Jean-Yves Rauch has built the most unusual and undoubtedly the smallest house in the world with a height of only 15 microns from thin silica membranes. When creating it, a two-beam scanning electron microscope and a focused ion beam were used.

Scientists managed to create a structure with a size of hundredths of a millimeter through several operations - cutting, etching, joining and welding. The picture of the nanodomik was taken using a scanning electron microscope.

Obviously, it is unlikely that tenants will ever appear in this house. Although it could fit the smallest amoeba, the size of which is only a few micrometers. Even smaller viruses, the size of which is about 20 nanometers or 0.02 micrometers, would consider this structure a real palace.

The technologies developed during the "construction" process will most likely find application in the creation of tiny electronic devices, for example, nanoantennas and sensors, which will be implanted into the human body for medical purposes.