Cockroach milk is being promoted as a superfood

South African company Gourmet Grubb is preparing to enter the market with a product called "entomilk". It is a derivative of a substance called cockroach milk that caught the attention of scientists a few years ago. Then the researchers recognized its potential, but questioned the possibility of eating - what has changed over this time?

Most cockroaches lay eggs, but the Pacific beetle cockroach is viviparous. The female bears the young in her womb and feeds them with something remotely similar to the milk of mammals. These are tiny crystals that contain a "set meal": essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, sugar, etc.

It has been proven that the cubs of this species of cockroaches significantly surpass their congeners in terms of growth rate and vitality. Two years ago, scientists even managed to "milk" cockroaches - to develop a method for extracting milk without harming the insect. However, out of hundreds of cockroaches, barely 100 grams of the substance was drained, which was immediately recognized as dangerous to humans. After all, in fact, this is a concentrate, and it is intended for a completely different metabolism.

The word "entomilk" is cognate with "entomophagy", which means eating insects. Gourmet Grubb says they have isolated a complex of substances from cockroach milk that are suitable for creating safe ice cream. First of all, these are zinc, iron, potassium, as well as a certain amount of proteins and minerals. It is argued that from a sweet treat, such ice cream turns into a superfood that changes the quality of life, but whether this is so - experts will establish.