What household items can stop a real bullet

World terrorism is not asleep, and, being beaten on large fronts, it turns to guerrilla tactics. It will not be an exaggeration to say that today shots can be fired anywhere in the world and unprotected people will be targeted. If the enemy is armed with army weapons, most of the items of our familiar interior are not suitable as a shelter, but if a bandit with a typical 9-mm pistol burst into your house, there is a chance to survive.

Popular Mechanics conducted a study of what household items can stop an attacker's bullet, in the absence of a bulletproof vest at hand. Dr. Karl Chang, a defensive engineer at the DuPont Kevlar Ballistic Group, immediately disappointed them - most pieces of furniture are no good. That in the sofa, that in the refrigerator there are a lot of voids in relation to the material, so they will not resist the bullet. But a shelf with ordinary paper books can become a saving barrier.

Don't hide behind a plasterboard wall or wooden door, and if you find yourself in the restroom, go to the bathroom instead of squatting behind the washing machine. Climbing into a closet is a bad idea, and a pantry is good as a bulletproof bunker in proportion to the amount of junk lying there. It is not the material from which things are made that is important, but its volume and location.

The heavy cast-iron skillet appears to be similar to the plates in the police body armor, but the 9mm bullet easily penetrates it. But a thick 8-kg bag with litter for a cat litter box - no, a piece of lead gets stuck in this mass and quickly loses its kinetic energy. A 1000-page thick paper guide is useless against a bullet, but if you attach another one like this, you have a chance to get off with just a bruise.