This strange box is the oldest wooden item in the world.

Czech archaeologists have published the results of a study of an object called "a well from the Island" (a city in the Czech Republic - ed. Tekhkult), in which it is officially recognized as the most ancient wooden structure created by man. The age of the structure is estimated at 7275 years, based on the fact that the tree trunks for the manufacture of its parts were cut down in 5255 and 5256. BC At that time, no developed civilizations existed on the territory of modern Europe.

This structure is named "Well" because of the similarity with numerous analogues throughout Europe, and in fact is a box with columns at the corners and walls made of boards. Despite its venerable age, the material is so well preserved that traces of its processing with stone and bone tools are visible. Probably, it really was the base of a well, placed on a spring or a nearby aquifer for the convenience of water intake.

The well was found in the Czech Republic in 2018, when laying the D35 highway near the town of Ostrov. In its analysis, dendrochronological methods were used, the results of which are similar to the data of radioisotope measurements. It turned out that the well was rebuilt and repaired several times using wood from different time periods. Scientists could not fail to note the high quality of work with the general roughness of the structure. The people who created this well put a lot of effort into it.

The object from the Island is not the first, and not even the largest of its kind, but it is the first wooden artifact whose age has been measured with such precision. The remaining four dozen are still waiting in the wings. Some are estimated to be even older, with timber cut down about 5400 BC.