Russia and China are conducting controversial experiments that could change the atmosphere of the planet

The Hong Kong newspaper "South China Morning Post" reported that in June 2018, Russian and Chinese scientists conducted a series of experiments with the Earth's ionosphere, which, according to the newspaper, were very "controversial."

According to the information available to the publication, the experiments were carried out in the area of ​​the village of Vasilsursk in the Nizhny Novgorod region in early June at altitudes from 75 to 1000 km.

The first experiment took place on June 7 at an altitude of 500 km. Then the scientists managed to record electrical bursts, in which the saturation of negatively charged particles exceeded the neighboring areas by 10 times.

After 5 days, with the help of a directed flow of electrons, the scientists managed to increase the temperature of the discharged ionized gas by 100 ° C. The experiment involved the Sura radio complex created in the USSR, and the results were recorded by the Chinese satellite Zhangheng-1 flying by.

The main concerns of experts are associated with the possible negative impact of such experiments on the weather - up to provoking natural disasters - and with the impact on the work of the human brain.