Time Travelers invited to Stephen Hawking's farewell party

The famous physicist, scientist and thinker, Stephen Hawking lived an incredible life for his condition and passed away in March this year. However, they decided not to rush to the funeral - the official solemn ceremony will be held only on June 15. And today, a month before the event, the organizers made a provocative joke.

Hawking was the greatest theoretical physicist who saw the universe differently from most people. And he described travels through space-time in detail and composed several realistic scenarios. He believed that the future "chronotourists" would be responsible enough to attend his party, which he organized especially for them in 2009 as part of the filming of the series for Channel Discovery.

“I like simple experiments. And champagne, Hawking reasoned. So I put them together in this celebratory gathering for time travelers. Alas, although the information was publicly available, none of the real aliens from the future arrived. But now they have another chance - the organizers of the farewell ceremony have officially booked 1000 places for those who are born after 2038 and will be able to return to the past to pay tribute to Stephen Hawking.

Those who knew the professor say - he would have liked this joke. Stephen Hawking's funeral will be held at Westminster Abbey in London, his ashes will be buried next to the graves of such great scientists of the past as Sir Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin.