Russian artificial intelligence predicts life expectancy according to fitness trackers

He who does not smoke or drink will die healthy. An old humorous saying reflects a practical problem - until recently, scientists did not undertake to reliably assess the effect of good habits on a person's life expectancy. Harmful, yes, they definitely shorten life and it is roughly clear how much. And useful, love for healthy lifestyle, diets, etc.?

Russian researchers are now ready to answer this question. They developed a special AI, a neural network for analyzing the archives of the US Department of Health, as one of the world's leading powers where fitness technologies are most actively used. The AI ​​will study data on patients in hospitals and look for any patterns that could indicate the impact of physical activity of specific people on their health.

This is a huge layer of work that only artificial intelligence can do, and even then with a certain margin of error, so the conclusions of the system are not even of an advisory nature. Just food for thought - you can install the app and it will analyze data from fitness programs on your smartphone, tracker or smartwatch to make some prediction.

Doctors are still skeptical about the new technology. Human life expectancy is influenced by genetics, diet, geography, sense of humor and hundreds of other factors, so it's too early to jump to conclusions. Insurance companies, manufacturers of sporting goods and advertising agencies are a different matter - such information will definitely help them to influence potential customers in the interests of the business.