You can buy your own personal dinosaur at the Aguttes auction

The full-size skeleton of a carnivorous dinosaur, about 155 million years old, is not the most convenient element of the interior. But if this does not bother you and there is an extra $ 1.5-2 million, then the Aguttes auction house invites you to the auction. The sale of a dinosaur skeleton of the allosaurid family was recently officially announced.

The skeleton is 8.7 m long, 2.6 m high, dated to 152-157 Ma, located in the Morrison Geological Formation, in Wyoming. The first bones were discovered in 2013, excavations were carried out until 2015, the assembly of the skeleton was completed last year. The documents indicate that 70% of these are the bones of the same individual, which is classified as an allosaurid species. It is possible that this may be a previously unknown subspecies of Allosaurus, which gives the lot additional value.

How allosaurs differ from allosaurids and whether they differ, paleontologists still argue, therefore the skeleton is interesting from the point of view of science. The auction house Aguttes provides a complete list of documents that will allow the new owner of the dinosaur bones to use them at their discretion. Not so long ago, in December 2016, they sold a similar Allosaurus skeleton for $ 1, 191, 740 to a collector from Lyon, France.

The sale of huge skeletons of prehistoric creatures is considered the hallmark of the house of Aguttes. In December 2017, the largest skeleton of a woolly mammoth in the history of trading was sold here for $ 651.3 thousand. It was 8 m long and 3.4 m high, and the tusks alone were 3 m long and 70 kg weight each.