Viome will use military technology to create an advanced diet

The commercial use of probiotics is now profitable enough to exploit even previously secret military technology. Viome signed an agreement with the US National Laboratory in Los Alamos and gained access to a method for rapid analysis of human biosecurity. Some of the developments formed the basis for a new type of health food, which is promoted by Viome.

This is important - in order to help a person recover, you need to understand how microorganisms live in his digestive system. And they just love to mutate, adapting to new environmental conditions, but not always successfully. We perceive this as ailment and a bad condition, but scientists would like to know this for sure, at the level of a variable genotype.

For this, Viome offers to take samples of the intestinal flora, from which microbes will be extracted in the laboratory and their RNA sequenced. Not DNA, because it is relatively stable, namely RNA - these short-lived structures appear when a new cell is created, changes in the microflora occur. Having analyzed them with the help of former military technologies, experts will be able to very accurately determine the state of the microbiome of your particular body.

And then it's a matter of technology, to compare the data with the reference values ​​and derive patterns that will turn into extremely accurate advice on nutrition and lifestyle. This diet will not help anyone else, it is developed in a strictly individual format, which makes it different from products for general consumption. The cost of a single procedure is estimated at $ 20, but Viome recommends an analysis of the microbiome at all significant events in life.