Detailed research shows DNA-based diets don't work

Research has shown that highly publicized DNA-based "personalized" diets are no better than regular diets. At one time, they were actively promoted by DNAFit and Helix. For only $ 100, they offered to do a DNA test, which supposedly will show which diet is most suitable for a particular person.

A study by Stanford scientists, which was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, put everything in its place. The study involved 609 overweight volunteers. They were assigned one of two diets, according to their DNA analysis - low in either fat or carbohydrates.

Both groups of subjects conscientiously followed the diet for a year, which affected their weight: on average, participants in the "fat" group lost weight by 5.3 kg, and the "carbohydrates" - by 5, 9 kg. Obviously, we are talking about a difference at the level of statistical error. Genetic analysis also gave nothing: all participants in the experiment lost weight approximately the same.

However, you should not completely abandon the DNA diet. Probably, scientists have not yet fully figured out the facts about the influence of the environment on our genes. In the future, everything can change as we study the nature of the human genome. In the meantime, a time-tested advice: eat less and move more.