New drug to treat fractures with simple injections

A team of researchers from Purdue University has brought its Novosteo project to the level of preclinical testing. They claim to have developed an innovative technology for treating damaged bones without surgery. Just a couple of injections - and the cracks in the bones begin to heal, and the fractures heal.

Since Novosteo is a commercial project with great potential, all details are hidden under a veil of secrecy. There is no information about what substances are used for treatment, nor how they affect the bones, nor how fast healing occurs. Moreover, until formal clinical trials have been carried out, this is just an ambitious startup with unknown safety parameters and scope.

But the competitive advantage of Novosteo is well described. It is enough to give an injection to the patient, anywhere, after which the active substance begins to circulate through the body, but accumulates only at the site of injury. This will avoid dosage problems and simplify the patient management process.

The authors of the Novosteo project see athletes and retirees as their primary clients. The former are often injured and must rehabilitate as soon as possible and return to the field. The latter often suffer from a hip fracture - treatment in the form of injections would significantly simplify their life, in comparison with traditional methods.