Climate Change Plant Creator Wins $ 3 Million Award

Silicon Valley philanthropists have presented the Breakthrough Prize to Biological Scientist Joan Horey. The award is sometimes referred to as the "Oscar of Science" and was given to Hori for abandoning her 30-year work in cultivating highly tolerant plants. Now it will develop grasses that will remove carbon from the atmosphere and slow it down.

Hori estimates that it will take ten years, $ 50 million and 5% of the planet's arable land to form a "green refinery" that can absorb up to 50% of all CO2 emitted by humans into the air. These will be mutant plants, the tissues of which contain a large volume of the polymeric substance "Suberin". It already exists in the bark of some plants - you just need to breed varieties in which there will be an unusually large amount of suberin.

Suberin acts as a cork, an insulating layer that does not allow moisture and gases, including carbon dioxide, to pass through. Plants can absorb and hold carbon for hundreds of years, if not millennia. What is important - without soil biodegradation, and this gives a chance to use them as crops next to ordinary plants.

Joan Horey is an eminent specialist in guided plant mutations. She developed varieties of plants that can grow in the dark, discovered the growth hormones "brassinosteroids", created dozens of crops that are resistant to cold and pathogens. Also, the scientist plans to develop a new kind of beans based on chickpea, which will surpass cattle meat in protein content.