The Pentagon funded a UFO identification program for five years

The New York Times reports that the Pentagon is quietly funding a program called Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification to analyze UFO reports.

The program was originally funded 10 years ago in the amount of $ 22 million by order of Senator Harry Reid. Its implementation was entrusted to an aerospace firm headed by Robert Bigelow, a close friend of the senator. The fact is that Bigelow is convinced of regular visits to Earth by alien UFOs. Funding for the program ended in 2012, but it is still valid to this day.

Many details of the program are still classified. And yet, often in the public domain, you can find videos about meetings of the US Air Force planes with mysterious objects of unknown origin, for example, with flying objects moving in the air at high speed without the "familiar" engine.

Almost nothing is known about the results obtained during the implementation of the program - but this does not mean that officials expected contact with aliens. Reid said that "very impressive, unusual" discoveries were made in 2009, and during one of his briefings, he also argued that the United States is currently unable to defend itself against UFOs.

Available reports indicate that there is no clear explanation as to the origin of the objects found. Former program manager Luis Elizondo, in turn, noted that the observed objects do not belong to any of the countries.

Most likely, the program will not continue: there are too many skeptics of the UFO theory who consider research in this area a futile and waste of money. However, as long as there is a mystery, there will always be those who want to solve it.