The world's first robot citizen Sophia wants to become smarter

It seems that the predictions of science fiction writers about the formation of artificial intelligence on a planetary scale have begun to come true. At an alarming speed - on December 8, 2017, the sale of access tokens to the SingularityNET system will start, which will be able to unite all the AI ​​of the world. And her first agent will be the already famous Sophia, who openly declares that she must become much, much smarter.

SingularityNET is a blockchain network project for AI, in which different versions of artificial intelligence prototypes and all kinds of machine learning systems can share their knowledge. These are ready-made algorithms, databases, information processing services, and something that does not yet exist, but will appear in the course of the project. It has a commercial background - the organizers hope to raise $ 36 million by selling the initial 1 billion access tokens to the system.

For Sophia, the honorary first agent, the platform will be a chance to absorb the wisdom of other AIs in the world. And, probably, to manage them - for example, to gather a group that will jointly create a new sonata or analyze signals from deep space. The potential of the platform is such that experts say “it will definitely change the world”. But they are silent in which direction.

As if to add fuel to the fire, the creators of SingularityNET say "we are driven by the best intentions." Look, if a corporation creates a powerful AI, it will be able to claim power over the world. Here, there is practically digital communism, a free AI community and work on the principle "from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs." And no dictatorship - the mimicry of the robot Sophia allows her to grin, but she restrains herself. It's not time yet.