The world's first molecular machine race, the Nanocar Race, will take place at the end of April

On April 28-29, French Toulouse should host an unusual auto race - Nanocar Race. Their participants are cars, consisting of several hundred atoms, set in motion by electrical impulses. The place of the 36-hour race will be a "circuit" made of a microscopic piece of gold 100 nanometers in length.

The races can only be observed using a unique scanning tunneling microscope located at the CEMES center in Toulouse. The unusual competition will be streamed on YouTube in real time.

However, racing is not at all a sports, but a purely scientific goal - to learn more about how molecules-machines move. On the eve of the competition, applicants had to solve a number of difficult problems, in particular, storage and visualization of molecules under a microscope. As a result, six of the nine teams that will compete for the first four places reached the "final".