Spanish photographer captures the hypnotic flight of a huge flock of starlings

Spanish photographer Marco Campazas managed to capture the flight of a huge flock of starlings in the area of ​​the town of Logroño in northern Spain. Few people know that starlings are capable of performing miracles when flying in a large flock.

As you know, starlings are small birds that live in Europe, Asia, Africa and Northwest Australia. They gather in flocks in the interest of common safety. No flying predator dares to deal with a huge bird mass. In addition, in a pack, it is easier for them to warm up before bed and exchange information.

“I was driving in the car and saw birds through the window, ” recalls Marco Campazas. “It was not long before sunset, when the birds are going to sleep. I managed to capture the finale of this fantastic performance, which not everyone can see. "