In vitro stem cells will replace experimental animals

When developing new methods of treating various diseases, drugs are still being tested on experimental animals, which looks very inhumane in relation to our smaller brothers. Scientists at the Max Planck Institute, engaged in the creation of a drug for the treatment of skin cancer, have managed to grow mouse skin stem cells in a petri dish, which replace the animals themselves.

“We wanted to develop a system for researching the stem cells of the hair follicle of the skin and their role in the development of cancer, ” explains one of the research participants, Carlos Andreas Chacon-Martinez. - As a rule, we used a large number of experimental animals, for example, mice. In addition, it took us a lot of time to experiment.

The method developed by us allows, without haste and at the same time, without spending a lot of time, to examine the stem cells that are in the Petri dish. This eliminates the need for experimental animals. "

Scientists are currently adapting the new method for human cells.