Air pollution in New Delhi reaches terrifying proportions

New Delhi, in addition to the status of the official capital of India, has an unfortunate reputation as a city with incredibly polluted air. According to the estimates of the employees of the US Embassy, ​​who made measurements in several districts of New Delhi, the level of pollution in them was characterized as "unhealthy", "very harmful" and "dangerous".

In some places, the air quality index reached 999. For comparison, in one of the most polluted cities in China - Baoding, this indicator was "only" 298.

Due to the critical environmental situation in the most contaminated areas, 5, 000 schools had to be closed. The harmful particles, which literally permeate the air of New Delhi, irritate the mucous membranes. They enter not only the lungs, but also the heart and even the brain, which causes serious diseases.

According to UNICEF, around 600, 000 children under the age of 5 in the world die every year after inhaling dirty air. As reported by The New York Times, the prohibitive solids content is a direct threat to New Delhi's 20 million people. The harm caused by such air is comparable to two packs of cigarettes smoked per day.

Amaan Ahuja, a resident of New Delhi, assessed the ecological situation in his hometown:

“There is solid smog all around. I smell like I just burned a few sheets of paper at home. "

Among the causes of smog are the burning of vegetation left over from the harvest, exhaust fumes from cars and smoke from holiday fireworks.

The negative consequences are already making themselves felt. Almost one in ten able-bodied residents have breathing problems. Environmental costs are up to $ 80 billion per year, which is equal to 6% of India's GDP.