Scientists claim that they underestimated the rate of rise in the water level of the World Ocean

As a recent study shows, previous measurements of sea level in the Northern Hemisphere are not true. The situation is developing according to a much worse scenario - the discrepancy with the real picture was from 5 to 28% upward, depending on the geographic location. So, for example, in Greenland the error was 28%, and in the Alps - only 5%.

During the research, the so-called "ice prints", a tool known back in 2001, were widely used. With his help, it was possible, in particular, to find out how the melting of ice in Antarctica differs from what is happening in Alaska.

Thanks to these "prints", scientists from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the University of Hawaii have carefully studied several places where the largest ice accumulations and the process of their melting are concentrated.

“We came to the conclusion, ” says one of the leaders of the study, Philip Thompson, “that the level of the world's oceans has risen not by 14 cm, as previously thought, but by 17 cm. It is from this indicator that one should proceed when planning human activities for the next 10-30 years".