Scientists managed to record a record increase in plasma pressure in a nuclear reactor

Fusion is seen as a potentially limitless source of clean energy. An example of this is the processes taking place inside the Sun. Under laboratory conditions, this becomes possible when hydrogen atoms merge to form heavier helium atoms, as a result of which an enormous amount of energy is released.

A team of researchers at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) with the help of the Alcator-C Mod Tokamak device managed to reach a temperature of 35 million ° C, which makes it possible to generate trillions of thermonuclear reactions in a volume of 1 cubic meter. meter occurring every second. This is more than double the temperature inside the solar core. A plasma pressure of 2.05 atmospheres was created in the chamber, which is 15% higher than the previous "record".

Plasma ring in the "Tokamak" type reactor

The main problem of nuclear physicists is still keeping the plasma heated to millions of degrees inside the reactor for a sufficiently long time using a magnetic field.

Similar studies are underway in other countries, including Russia. At present, a facility is under construction in France, which will be 800 times more powerful than at the MIT research center, capable of producing plasma at a temperature of 150 million ° C.