Russian scientists have tested a railgun that will find application in science

Representatives of Russian and foreign media witnessed how the two-gram shell hit the target, exceeding the speed of 3 km / s. The importance of this event is evidenced by the fact that the experienced Russian railgun was represented by Vladimir Fortov, the head of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Currently, work on the creation of electromagnetic guns is underway in the United States, China and Russia. However, unlike the Americans and the Chinese, who relied primarily on the military use of the railgun, Russian scientists intend to focus their efforts on its peaceful use.

According to Fortov, with the help of the railgun, Russian scientists will engage in research in several areas, in particular, how matter behaves under the influence of ultrahigh pressures and temperatures, and how the Earth's surface reacts to fallen meteorites, especially large ones, like the famous Tunguska meteorite.

The research results will help to create effective protection of spaceships in the event of uninvited "guests" hitting them in the form of space debris and more dangerous aliens from the depths of the Universe - comets and meteorites.

The next stage of testing is to give the 1.5-gram "projectile" a second space velocity - 11 km / sec. As a distant prospect, the option of using a railgun for launching spacecraft into orbit is being considered.