Russian physicists have developed a synchronous radiation generator for CERN

Russian nuclear physicists from Novosibirsk once again distinguished themselves. The wiggler they created, or, in a more understandable language, the synchronous radiation generator, interested German scientists. The order for the device, worth 1 million euros, came from CERN and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

With the help of a wiggler in combination with an accelerator, scientists will be able to "ram" particle beams, which will significantly increase the efficiency of their experiments. Also, by creating powerful X-rays, the generator will multiply the capabilities of a special microscope, which will be appreciated by chemists, biologists, materials scientists and nuclear physicists.

Siberian physicists near the synchronous radiation generator

Novosibirsk residents applied their know-how in the generator - a helium-free cooling system on special refrigerators, which ensures long-term operation of the unit without complicated repairs.

Colleagues from Germany, having tested the Russian installation, noted its high reliability and efficiency. The X-ray microscope equipped with a wiggler is expected to be operational in the second half of the year.