An underwater robot has discovered the Loch Ness monster

The legend of an ancient lizard living in the Scottish Loch Ness has long haunted scientists. It would be surprising if they did not try to find it with the help of modern means. In April this year, a group of researchers led by Adrian Schein decided to check the information of a local fisherman about a deep crevice at the bottom of the lake, which could well have sheltered an underwater monster.

Now scientists have two news. Good: Nessie is found. Bad: Nessie discovered is just a dummy, lost during the filming of the Sherlock Holmes movie in 1969.

The research used the Munin robot, created by Kongsberg Maritime. In their free time from searching for monsters, they are used for geophysical research, hydrography, cleaning the bottom of debris and environmental research.

The robot is capable of diving to a depth of 1600 meters and working up to 24 hours without surfacing. Munin's shape resembles a torpedo and can reach speeds of up to 8.3 km / h. The equipment installed on it is capable of scanning the water column to a depth of 1.5 kilometers and providing researchers with a high quality image.