Gravity control will allow the military to see through walls

Recently, an Air Force documentary was shown on television in the UK about the experiments of the British Defense Department specialists in gravity control. According to them, they have developed a unique device - a quantum gravity detector.

This could further lead to the creation of scanners that use gravity vibrations to literally see through walls and the ground. The scanner detects the slightest changes in gravity using special lasers that "freeze" atoms in some position.

Then the scanner measures the dependence of atoms on the gravitational attraction of objects, which allows you to see the "picture" on the other side of the wall or underground. It is possible that this device will become a prototype of invisible sensors, which, moreover, cannot be hacked.

“Seeing through the ground is a clear advantage from a national security standpoint, ” said military technology expert Neil Stensfield. - After all, now it will be possible to control all underground caves and tunnels. In the civilian sphere, our technology is likely to be used by companies involved in the construction of utilities and road construction. "