What Sound Looks Like: Photographer Received Unique Images of Acoustic Waves

Scientific photography photographer Linden Gledhill presented digital images of sound waves. To obtain them, he installed a speaker with an amplifier above the water tank, connected to a computer with special software.

The photographer himself with his camera positioned himself above the container, turned on the LED strobe lamp and sent sound through the speakers. As a result, the camera captured glowing multi-colored neon overflows, changing in time with the acoustic vibrations.

For many years, Linden Gledhill has been exploring the invisible physical world, which he materializes through visual representation at various scales. In his opinion, the images of sound vibrations are quite stable. But one has only to change the frequency of vibrations, and the image immediately comes to life.

“When you read about the geometric symmetry of nature and physics, ” says Gledhill, “you don't see anything surprising in the images you get. These vibration modes are somewhat reminiscent of the shells of sea shells or the shell of a turtle. "