Ancient Greek tombstone with the figure of a woman opening ... a laptop

One of the ancient legends says that the Delphic oracle was associated with priests with unique abilities and possessing information technologies unprecedented for that time.

She is echoed by numerous conspiracy theorists who claim that one of the exhibits at the Getty Museum in Malibu has a tombstone dating back to about 100 BC. e. carved a woman opening something that closely resembles a modern laptop. Some paranormal experts claim that this woman is a time traveler.

The concept of this sculptural group is fully consistent with the Greek tradition of funerary art that developed at that time, symbolizing the continuation of earthly pleasures even after death. Indeed, the item on the tombstone bears a strong resemblance to a popular modern gadget, especially when combined with two round holes that resemble USB connectors.

Of course, we can assume that this is some kind of toilet item, but it is frankly too small for a casket with female accessories. There are no similarities with the wax tablets widespread in antiquity. And even more so, he is not suitable for the role of the mythical Pandora's box.

The version of the laptop is also supported by the woman's look, focused on the inner lid of the object. This is how our contemporaries look at computer monitors.