Plasma accelerator - know-how of Russian physicists

The Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland boggles the mind not only with its enormous capabilities, but also with its size. In order for the particles to “reach the desired condition”, they must be properly “driven” along the main 27-kilometer ring. The technology, developed by physicists from Novosibirsk, will allow minimizing the last parameter, for which plasma will be used as an accelerating factor.

According to Konstantin Lotov, a representative of the Institute for Nuclear Research, just a few centimeters in a plasma medium are enough for the particles to "pick up" a few gigaelectronvolts.

Now Russian scientists, together with colleagues from CERN, are working on the problem of exciting a plasma wave using protons, after which it, having captured the particles, must accelerate them to a speed 10 times higher than the capabilities of conventional accelerators.

If successful, accelerators created using the new technology will become much more compact, cheaper, and more efficient than those currently operating, which will undoubtedly expand the possibilities of science.