France to host one-molecule nano-car races

Next year, France is preparing to host a unique car race - the NanoCar Race, in which unusual cars the size of one molecule will take part. The highway will serve as a surface of gold atoms, through which scientists will pass a tiny electrical charge.

It will be possible to observe the race and "cheer" only with the help of the unique LT-Nanoprobe microscope, created by order of the Pico-Lab laboratory from Toulouse.

Nanomachine under the microscope

Competitors are molecular vehicles made up of about 100 atoms that form a chassis and free-wheeling wheels.


The race will be held in a deep vacuum at a temperature of minus 232 degrees Celsius. Its members are 5 teams representing the Rice Lab headed by James Tour and the University of Graz from Austria. Before the start of the races in October 2016, they have the opportunity to synthesize their "racing cars" and test them.