Working iPhone triggered an ant 'carousel of death'

YouTube users have shown great interest in a recently published video showing the reaction of an ant colony to a working smartphone. At first, while he was "silent", the ants behaved calmly, not paying attention to him. Everything changed as soon as the bell rang.

The insects immediately formed the so-called ant "carousel of death", somewhat reminiscent of a human round dance. The movement of ants is based on chemical signals propagated by pheromones - special substances secreted by insects to exchange information between individuals.

So, using pheromones, ants help their fellows find their way to food sources or sound an alarm. However, the phenomenon of the "carousel of death" for scientists still remains a mystery, since there have been cases when insects involved in it could not find a way out and died from exhaustion.

According to scientists, in the case of a smartphone, they were influenced by its vibration, which provoked the release of pheromones. There is also a version that the behavior of ants was influenced by electromagnetic radiation. However, in any case, this behavior can hardly be called normal.