Google created a film about a solar eclipse from pictures of amateur photographers

On August 21, millions of Americans had the unique opportunity to observe a total solar eclipse. It is not surprising that, in addition to scientists, amateur photographers also captured him, who immediately posted their pictures on the Internet. The situation was taken advantage of by the Internet giant Google, which initiated the Eclipse Megamovie project, which was based on 1, 300 images of volunteer photographers.

The video has been edited in such a way that all the pictures taken from different points are combined into one. Moreover, the moment is shown when the moon's shadow completely covered the solar disk.

Google continues to take pictures (this is relevant for those regions of the planet where an eclipse could be observed). To do this, you need to log into your account, specify the location, type of camera and give permission to use the published photo.

As of the end of August, the project has already published over 34, 000 512GB images. Over the coming weeks, they will be in the public domain, allowing everyone to get acquainted with this fantastic collection of images. The data from the Eclipse Megamuvie project will help scientists continue to study the Sun's atmosphere and cyclical temperature changes at its surface.