Tomsk scientists are working on the creation of "light" boards for computers

Scientists of the Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics (TUSUR) have come close to creating a unique technology that will allow in the future to create computers where electrical signals will be replaced by light pulses.

Thanks to this discovery, a new class of computing devices will be born - optical computers. One of the main problems facing scientists is managing the rays of light in crystals. A way has already been found to write information into lithium niobate crystals using a laser.

To do this, the researchers had to combine photorefractive (refraction of a ray inside the crystal at the desired angle under certain conditions) and pyroelectric (formation of an electric field in the crystal) effects.

The result of hard work was the creation of crystals with a light photonic structure. It is a network of waveguide tracks, the diameter of which does not exceed a few microns. A light signal is transmitted through them. These crystals are comparable in properties to printed circuit boards used in modern electronic devices.