Cured zipper inside the acrylic block

The video, provided by Nutek Corporation, captures a unique moment when lightning is trapped in an acrylic block. An amazing effect is created, as if it freezes for a short moment.

This effect is known in physics as the figure of Lichtenberg in honor of the famous German physicist Georg Christoph Lichtenberg, who lived in the 18th century. To create a 3D effect, the scientists used an electron accelerator, which, with its help, "shoot" into the block at almost the speed of light.

Electrons easily penetrate the block and there, colliding with acrylic molecules, they slow down sharply. Acrylic is known to be a good insulator, so the amount of absorbed electron charge is retained as long as the voltage exceeds the resistance. An electric field is formed that the material can withstand.

When this level is reached, individual sections of the block become electrically conductive and the process of dielectric breakdown begins, as a result of which miniature lightning is formed. By the way, similar configurations can be found on the skin of people struck by lightning.