A worthy replacement for the hadron collider has been found

The hadron collider, striking in its gigantic size, cost, power and capabilities, Russian scientists from the Institute of Laser Physics (Novosibirsk) have found a worthy and cheaper replacement. Instead of a complex multi-kilometer installation, they proposed using a special laser system developed by them, with which elementary particles can be accelerated.

One of its creators, Vladimir Trunov, spoke about the advantages of the system. According to him, the main criterion for particle acceleration is the energy received by an electron per unit length. Experiments have shown that in this parameter the laser turned out to be 100 times more efficient than its eminent competitor. So, to reach 100 megaelectron-volts in an accelerator, an electron needs to "run" a hundred meters, and with a laser - only 10 cm.

Vladimir Trunov

Scientists from Novosibirsk have created a so-called femtosecond laser capable of generating ultrashort pulses with a duration of 10 15 sec. It also makes it possible to regulate the energy of particles, which is inaccessible to an accelerator operating on the principle of interaction of particles with magnetic and electric fields.

V. Trunov and his colleagues are confident in the great prospects of their invention, primarily in medicine. With the help of a femtosecond laser, oncologists will be able to effectively fight various types of cancer.