Siberian scientists have created a self-luminous hybrid material

This time, a material was created based on nanodiamonds and carbon nanotubes. The "skeleton" of the new material is a rigid nanotube vertical frame covered with a nanodiamond film.

The peculiarity of this unusual nanomaterial is the ability to emit a blue glow under the influence of an electric field, which opens up prospects for using it to create a new type of miniature light sources.

Photos of vertically ordered nanotubes (A) and a hybrid material of nanotubes and nanodiamonds (B)

In the process of developing a new nanomaterial, a group of scientists from the Institute of Biophysics (Krasnoyarsk) headed by Vladimir Bondar was faced with the task of placing nanodiamonds on the ends of carbon nanotubes, which turned out to be very difficult. The researchers successfully coped with the task by creating a unique composite material.

According to his colleague, Yulia Fedoseyeva, representing the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry from Novosibirsk, the future belongs to hybrid nanomaterials with unique properties. So, for example, nanodiamonds glow under the influence of an electric field, and nanotubes activate this field, thus increasing the glow intensity.

The know-how of Siberian scientists may well be used to create a new generation of displays or in medical diagnostics.