Nanoparticles will help wounds heal twice as fast

The use of nanoparticle therapy promotes rapid wound healing. This is the conclusion reached by members of the research group from Yeshiva University.

Scientists have decided that nanoparticles can halve the regeneration time of all types of wounds, including cuts, burns and stitches, as well as skin ulcers. The treatment has already been tested in laboratory mice. In the near future, tests will continue on pigs, whose skin is very similar to human.

In the course of the study, it was found that the speed of movement of skin cells to the wound is slowed down by the FL2 enzyme, and the use of FL2 silencer molecules can significantly shorten the healing time and increase the effectiveness of treatment.

The unique technique has already been patented. It was licensed to a company called MicroCures Inc., with David Sharp as Chief Scientist.