Chinese scientists create a self-propelled metal alloy

There is no doubt that this discovery deserves the utmost attention. We are talking about the research of scientists from Xinhua University - Jing Liu Lei Sheng and Jie Zhang, which resulted in the creation of a unique alloy of gallium, indium and tin, which has the ability to move in a certain direction and change its shape.

It is worth recalling that gallium becomes liquid already at a temperature of +29 ° C, and indium at +156. The alloy also remains liquid at room temperature, in addition, acquiring a high surface tension - about 500 mN / m. When placed on a flat surface, the alloy takes on the shape of a perfect sphere and retains it.

If the alloy is placed in a saline solution and tiny aluminum shavings are added there, a reaction begins with the release of hydrogen and the metal droplet starts to move. That is, the alloy becomes, as it were, an engine, and aluminum chips serve as its fuel. At the same time, the drop is able to overcome small rises and make zigzag movements.

The secret of this effect lies in the imbalance of forces acting on the front and back of the droplet, which causes movement. The discovery of Chinese scientists creates the prerequisites for the creation of unique technologies to control the movement of liquid metals, as well as a new generation of robots similar to the cyborg T-1000 from Terminator 2.