Quantum teleportation travels ever greater distances

A new record was recently set for the teleportation of quantum particles. A group of researchers from the University of Geneva has carried out a unique experiment to transmit the quantum state of light particles (photons) over a distance of 25 km through a fiber-optic cable. For comparison: only 5 years ago it was limited to a few meters.

Of course, it's too early to draw analogies with the famous Star Trek TV series. There, as you know, very large objects, including people, were transported by teleportation aboard the spacecraft.

Star Trek Teleportation

The experiment is based on the phenomenon of quantum entanglement, when several elementary particles are interconnected even at a considerable distance (in this case, 25 km) from each other.

Three photons were involved in the experiment. Two are the so-called "entangled" photons, and one of them was placed in a crystal. The third photon got the role of a billiard ball, with the help of which scientists "hit" a free photon.

The collision for both photons turned out to be fatal, but the information about the photon - the "billiard ball" was preserved and transferred to the crystal.

Today, scientists are considering the possibility of using quantum teleportation in the development of a new generation of computers and communications equipment with an immeasurably higher level of security.