Spanish archaeologists have discovered a glass plate with an unusual image of Jesus

Spanish archaeologists have discovered an ancient discos (glass plate) depicting Jesus without a beard and short curly hair, surrounded by two characters. According to scientists, these are the apostles Peter and Paul. They also lack beards. Above the heads of all three, halos are clearly visible.

A discos, about 22 cm in diameter, discovered during excavations in the ancient city of Castulo in Andalusia, was apparently used for the preparation of Eucharistic bread during the liturgy in the era of early Christianity.

The head of the excavation, Marcel Castro, believes that the unique find dates back to the 4th century, since the discos of a later period were made exclusively of silver. The manner of writing corresponds to the icon-painting style of early Byzantium during the reign of Emperor Constantine, who forbade the persecution of Christians.

The scene takes place in heaven. In the center of the diskos is Jesus, who in one hand holds the symbol of the resurrection - the cross, and in the other the Gospel. To the right and to the left of him are the Apostles Peter and Paul with the scrolls of Holy Scripture framed with palm branches, symbolizing glory and immortality.

Despite the fact that the diskos split into several fragments, it is quite well preserved. Archaeologists have managed to recover 81% of the priceless find.