Sandstorm reveals new geoglyphs in the Nazca desert

Sandstorms in the Peruvian Nazca desert are far from uncommon, but recently gusts of wind have gained some truly incredible strength here. But the raging elements brought completely unexpected results. After it died down, previously invisible geoglyphs appeared on the surface in addition to the already well-known giant mysterious drawings of the Nazca desert.

They were discovered by pilot Eduardo Herran Gomez de la Torre. At one time, scientists divided the previously found images into two categories - natural objects (drawings of animals) and geometric shapes that can be seen from a flying plane, or while standing on a nearby mountain. This time, the lucky pilot saw images of snakes almost 60 meters long, birds, llamas and several mysterious zigzag lines.

Currently, archaeologists are working on solving the discovered geoglyphs. However, alas, there are still more questions than answers. The reason for their creation remains unclear. It also remains a mystery how the ancient people of Nazca were able to write numbers using just one continuous line. By the way, similar images were later found on pottery of that period.