A child who pulls his hands to his mouth follows a special genetic program

The behavior of young children makes it possible to better understand the "source code" of human consciousness - this is the conclusion reached by neurologists from the Institute of Cognitive Sciences in Bron (France). Scientists paid special attention to the fact that almost all babies put their fingers in their mouths.

As it turned out, one of the parts of the brain is responsible for this. In the course of the experiment, a group of 26 adult volunteers after the onset of anesthesia was stimulated in this area. As a result, 9 participants pulled their hands to their mouths, which once again proves the instinctive nature of this reaction.

Another confirmation is the behavior of the human embryo during pregnancy. During the ultrasound scan, the screen clearly shows how he pulls his hands to his mouth.

So far, scientists have not been able to figure out what caused this evolutionary instinct. However, the head and author of the experiment, Angela Sirigu, and her team are actively working on solving this issue. The research results will help scientists understand the nature of the various types of behavior that are embedded in our genes.