Italian scientists believe that Atlantis was located on the island of Sardinia

Sardinia could well be the place where Atlantis was located, which the ancient Greek philosopher Plato mentioned in his writings. This is the conclusion reached by the Italian writer and expert Sergio Frau after a careful study of the southern tip of this island. In his opinion, it is very similar to the underwater Pompeii.

According to Sergio Frau, the cause of the death of the ancient civilization could have been a giant wave that hit Sardinia after a comet fell into the Mediterranean Sea. This could have happened around 1175 BC. e.

The fact that a large-scale natural disaster happened here is evidenced by numerous archaeological finds - metal tools, ceramics, amphorae and oil lamps, found more than half a century ago under a layer of mud. In addition, the ruins of ancient fortresses dating back to the middle of the Bronze Age have survived to this day in Sardinia.

Experts say that ancient documents contain information about a huge wave that covered the entire island. At a conference in Sardara, geophysicist and tidal wave expert Stefano Tinti noted in his report that until the 80s, scientists did not know that the cause of the death of several cities in the Mediterranean was a giant 500-meter wave caused by the fall of a comet in the coastal waters.