Dutch scientists have developed an algorithm for reading minds

Since ancient times, scientists from all over the world have been trying to learn how to read minds. And it seems that the Dutch specialists are one step closer to the dream of mankind.

Scientists from the University of Nijmegen (Nijmegen, Netherlands) presented their new development. It is a special program that allows you to track changes in human brain activity. This becomes possible only with magnetic resonance imaging.

The new development consists of a special algorithm that transforms small areas of the brain into images and their changes that occur during reading. The accuracy of the algorithm will only increase over time.

Scientists have already conducted a series of tests of the new technology. During the test, its participants were asked to look at the letters on the screen - B, R, A, I, N and S, after which the researchers using their technology were able to accurately determine which letters people were looking at and what forms they visualized when looking at a certain subject.