Scientists managed to teleport 10,000 bits of information in 1 second

Swiss scientists were the first in the world to teleport 10, 000 bits of information in one second from point A to point B over a distance of about 6 millimeters. Please note that it is to teleport, and not to transmit by wire or radio channel.

Although this achievement is different from mass teleportation, scientists from the Swiss Institute of Technology in Zurich have been able to demonstrate a technology that opens up the prospects for building a quantum computer.

The experiment involved three micron-sized electronic circuits. Two of them worked as transmitters, and the third received information. Scientists cooled the chips to almost absolute zero and applied current to the electronic circuit.

With such a low temperature and the tiny scale of electrical circuits used in the experiment, electrons began to behave in accordance with the principles of quantum mechanics. This means that they have become connected with each other in their quantum states, even when physically separated from each other.

The demonstrated method of transmitting information is very different from how computers usually transmit information when electrons carry it through wires or radio waves through the air. In this case, the bits did not physically propagate along the route - information disappeared from one place and appeared in another.

In principle, this is not the first experiment on bit teleportation using the method of quantum mechanics. But scientists from Zurich were the first to achieve such reliability and transmission speed. As Andreas Wollraf, professor of physics and research leader explains, "Teleportation will fire every time we press the button." Bringing technology to such a level opens up the possibility of building a quantum computer that will already bring practical benefits.