What will a person look like in 100 thousand years?

If you are fond of science and technology, then you have probably thought more than once about how the world will technologically change in the near future. However, it is not easy to look ahead for a very long time. Given the progress humanity has made over the past hundred years, it is difficult to imagine what awaits it in a hundred thousand years.

But one thing the science fiction writers still stubbornly ignore when talking about the distant future. How man himself will change by that time, because evolution does not stand still. In my memory, only H.G. Wells wrote about this in his "Time Machine". But there humanity acquired a very impartial appearance. Today, the artist and researcher Nikolai Lamm, engaged in computational genetics, has offered his vision of what a person will look like in 100, 000 years.

Basically, we will be very much like a modern person, but we will be distinguished by a large head, huge eyes and enlarged nostrils. Lamm argues that a larger head can accommodate a larger brain, a nose will help us breathe better, and that our skin will become more pigmented, which will help protect the body from ultraviolet radiation. In general, people of the future will be like Megamind from the cartoon of the same name. Perhaps without blue skin.