World's first 3D-printed school to appear in Madagascar

Over the past few years, the technology of building houses using 3D printing has gone from the first amateur experiments to the construction of full-fledged offices and affordable housing. The next step seems to be the creation of the world's first printed school in Madagascar.

The project is a collaboration between Thinking Huts, a non-profit organization, and the architectural firm Studio Mortazavi. The start of construction is scheduled for this year, for which Thinking Huts intends to attract funding in the amount of $ 350, 000.

It is assumed that this will be a building with an area of ​​157 sq. meters, designed for 30 people. The power source will be solar panels that complement rainwater harvesting and indoor natural ventilation systems. In shape, the future school will resemble a "pod", to which in the future it will be possible to attach several more similar buildings.

It is planned to use a local cement mixture as a building material, which will be applied layer-by-layer with a construction 3D printer. The builders will have to install the roof, windows, doors and arrange furniture.

The team promises to complete the work in three weeks, which is much faster than the construction of conventional buildings. The project also provides for the creation of space between the internal and external walls for thermal insulation. According to a press release, the walls will be 27 times stronger than mud brick walls, 3.5 times stronger than fired brick walls, and twice as strong as concrete ones.