Nike develops the Go FlyEase, the world's first true Hands-Free shoe

The Go FlyEase was originally designed for athletes with disabilities, but it soon became apparent that it was versatile and competitive with similar shoes such as the hugely popular Crocs in the West.

Go FlyEase is a completely new shoe with a unique design that allows you to put it on and off without using your hands.

The Nike Go FlyEase integrates a two-stable hinge that, in combination with the FlyEase tensioner, gives the shoe stability both during wear and after taking off. To take off the shoes, it is enough to step on the heel with your free foot, after which the sneaker, as it were, opens up in the heel area, freeing the foot, and remains in this position until the moment when you need to put on shoes again. And everything is absolutely hands-free.

The sneakers presented are part of the major Nike FlyEase series, which includes more than 20 models. The Nike Go FlyEase goes on sale February 15th. The price is still unknown, but according to CNBC, the pair will cost $ 120.