Pixeloco augmented reality shooter takes to the streets of real cities

Pixeloco is preparing to release a new format video game, which takes place in the real world using real material objects and augmented reality. The game is made in the format of a shooter and is distinguished by deliberate recklessness - sniper accuracy and tactical planning are not needed here. On the contrary, the entire gameplay is made extremely amusing so that passers-by and the police do not mistake the game for a real shootout.

The demo video shows the main weapon of gamers - these are controllers from Arkade Games in the form of futuristic weapons. Smartphones are inserted into them, which simultaneously perform the function of an aiming mechanism and display elements of augmented reality. No headset or glasses are required, the user can lower the controller at any time and return to the real world, get out of the excitement of the battle. This is also important for safety.

The strength of the game is the virtual interaction with the environment, built on augmented reality technologies. So, if the opponent hid behind the car, you can “shoot” it and admire the drawn traces of bullets. In addition, icons of various bonuses, ammunition, first-aid kits, armor, etc. are placed on a given game space, which can be picked up by the participants in the battle. The graphics in the game are deliberately unrealistic so that gamers do not confuse it with reality.